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Studio C Artists presents…



where you park your junk.


Studio C Artists is proud to present the next in their one act “room” series… IN THE GARAGE. This collection of brand new short plays is a collaboration of 3 producers, 4 directors, 8 writers, and 19 actors and is comprised of 8 plays that all take place in a garage setting. The shows cover a wide variety of topics – There is a nice mix of comedy & drama IN THE GARAGE… where you park your junk!

Studio C Artists will showcase each of the one-acts as part of an alternating schedule – 4 of the plays in one show (“Stand-Alone”) and the other 4 plays (“Attached”) in the next show. The performance dates and times alternate. Please check schedule for details.

This series is also being entered as a participant in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  The festival runs from June 9-26, 2016, along Theatre Row in Hollywood, CA.  Awards are given out to shows in various categories.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TICKETS FOR THE FRINGE PERFORMANCES (ALL JUNE SHOWINGS) ARE ALSO AVAILABLE THROUGH THE HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL BOX OFFICE.


The short plays are broken into two groups to run on different nights (cast is listed alphabetically in each play.):


“Stand-Alone” – runs 6/11, 6/17, 6/23, 7/9, 7/15, & 7/23

  • A CRUMBLING VICE by Damian Padilla – Directed by J. Bailey Burcham; Starring Kim Acquarelli & Andres Solorzano
  • A BETTER YOU by Douglas Stark – Directed by John Ross Clark; Starring Meghan Allison, Megan Barker, & John Drouillard
  • MY NEW NEIGHBORS by Anne Flanagan – Directed by Tim Powell; Starring Michael Krueger & Jessica Nicole Webb
  • JUST LIKE THEM by Chris Widney – Directed by Edgar Pablos; Starring Anthony Rizzuto, Dominick Vicchiullo, & Julian Zambrano


“Attached” – runs 6/11, 6/19, 6/24, 7/9, 7/15, & 7/23

  • STUFFED by Jeanette Farr – Directed by Tim Powell; Starring Jessie Franks & Seth Ruffer
  • CLAIRE AND PEGGY by Dana Lillie – Directed by John Ross Clark; Starring Nancy Daly & Lisa Deily
  • FALL & RISE by Joe Gulla – Directed by J. Bailey Burcham; Starring Ashley Key & Colin Stephens
  • MAN IN PERIL by Alex Dremann – Directed by Edgar Pablos; Starring Rishi Arya, Monica Davis, & Brennan W. Penney


Performances Dates & Times Vary.
Both show groups will alternate between performances.  
Please check schedule for details before purchasing tickets:
Stand-Alone Attached
Saturday, June 11th @ 8:30PM Saturday, June 11th @ 10:30PM
Friday, June 17th @ 10:30PM Sunday, June 19th @ 4:00PM
Thursday, June 23rd @ 7:00PM Friday, June 24th @ 8:30PM
Saturday, July 9th @ 8:30PM Saturday, July 9th @ 10:30PM
Friday, July 15th @ 10:30PM Friday, July 15th @ 8:30PM
Saturday, July 23rd @ 6:30PM Saturday, July 23rd @ 8:30PM
General Admission – $20.00 ($15 Early Bird*)

Approximate running time: 90 minutes


Artistic Director: John Coppola
Producer: Michael Sonntag
Writer’s Liaison: Dean Donofrio
Stage Manager: Alex Nicholas
Set Design: Brian Cole


* Use the promo code “earlybird” to get $5 off General Admission seating up to 24 hours prior to the performance.